“The best part of building software is the job is never done. Since starting Box, I don’t think I’ve ever left a customer conversation where this [sic] isn’t something new left to go do. Build the future, listen to your customers, repeat.” Those words come from Aaron Levie, the CEO of Box (via Twitter).

Levie’s words resonate strongly with me. For some years now, I’ve posited that every company must think like a software company. It’s what I have described as “Leading with Code”. Over that time, it has become increasingly clear that for all firms, more and more value creating opportunities derive from ‘own-account’ software, or the software that a company builds for itself. Executives at firms that lead with code–both incumbents and startups—view software as a source of economic value creation and the differentiating asset that it is. Many others, even those that have recognized the strategic importance of software, still have a very different mindset.

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Build the future, listen to your customers, repeat.”

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