Digital Transformation: At A Crossroads

“We are at a crossroads. Technology is extraordinarily powerful and can lead to fantastic things for society and the economy. But, we have to manage the risks. It is incumbent upon every one of us to lead this change responsibly”.

The Future of Work: A New Employee Experience

Vijay Gurbaxani was featured on the Season 4 Episode 10 of Microsoft Modern Workplace. The digital revolution has been upon us for over two decades. And while 93% of organizations have plans to pursue digital transformation, many have yet to explore the opportunities technology can provide their most valuable business asset–employees.

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Digital Transformation – Enabling the Workforce to Achieve

Digital transformation of your company can affect employees and their work environment, creating more effective collaboration, stronger engagement, and more. The Modern Workplace podcast is taking a closer look at some specific technologies that are changing the employee experience.

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The New Challenge: Competing Against Platforms

In the past, I’ve argued that you must get digital in a hurry because of first mover advantage. You build a lead over your competitors, leverage first mover advantage to expand your lead, and with a little luck, you can win. But times have changed. In the last decade,...

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Amazon Is Showing Us The Way

All of us know that Amazon is the online everything store. You can buy pretty much everything you want and have it delivered right to your door. But while Amazon and the word “online shopping” are virtually synonymous in the eyes of millions, that could soon change...

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What Is Digital Transformation?

In today’s world, business success depends on understanding and acting on how external forces – globalization, economic conditions, demographics, sustainability, and digital technologies – impact a company’s competitive position and its strategy. While all of these are crucial considerations, digital technology plays a dominant role.

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